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This is the kind of place we like to call 'The Office'. There is no Coffee station, toilet or central heating. But we think it's the best office in the world. Office hours are generally between 10pm and 6am.



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Christian Wilkinson is the Halifax born creator and Director of Yorkshire Frontiers. Having worked for many seasons as the principal photographer and team leader on expedition ships sailing to far-flung Antarctica and the Galapagos archipelago, Christian is now employing his film and photography talents closer to home. During the last five years he has been working on various film and time lapse projects. In 2019, Christian created the film 'Halilapse' which was extremely well received at the Square Chapel 'Up North’ – Film & Television Festival.  (That film can be seen for free on our home page). From the success of that production, his ambition is to now create the most stunning film imaginable about his beloved Yorkshire.  The Frontiers project is aspiring to be the longest ever time lapse film ever made on earth . After all, 'God's own Country' deserves to be well and truly placed on the cinematic map.


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Most people like taking pictures on hot sunny days, preferably on a beach. Not Adam. Adam is the kind of guy who rings you at 3AM to tell you that Venus is in perfect conjunction with Mars and it's perfect 'weather' to get the cameras out. At Yorkshire frontiers, we know full well that in order to get extra special shots, you need extra special people. 

Clickbelow  to see Adams stunning night shots. Also available to buy as large  canvas prints.